Kay Gasei | Aporia

August 23, 2023
September 10, 2023

Chilli Art Projects are excited to announce Kay Gasei’s debut solo show with the gallery titled Aporia. In the show, Gasei uses his unique visual language & humour to reflect on society and humanity. These dynamic works combine history, philosophy and mythology to collapse the concept of truth and untruth, resulting in eclectic, nuanced compositions that allude to a particular vice through their title or a visual metaphor. Gasei skilfully blends the figurative with expressive mark making and abstracted elements to fracture the narrative of each work, meaning the works maintain an air of obscurity and ambiguity. The constant however is a cache of recurring characters and motifs, which are used to explore colour and texture - tapping into the language of painting itself as well as Gasei’s own subconscious. Gasei’s works really push the idea of space - his varied landscapes and figures carefully fluttering between the three dimensional object and the flat representational image. Often appearing in flux, these canvases explore the notion of time and completion, with his characters inhabiting worlds that appear simultaneously ancient & modern.