Samson Toba
Samson Toba Oladosu (b. 1989, Southwest of Nigeria Ibadan Oyo State) had both his Secondary and Tertiary education in Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria, laying a solid foundation for a rich artistic career. Several childhood experiences and memories are the inexhaustible source of inspiration. Oladosu looks at the injustices and difficulties he perceives around him through his abstract realist pairings. His works are playful, colourful and fun, allowing the viewer to bring their own understanding to each painting. Inspired by the likes of Picasso, Tolu Aliki and Eric Centeno. Soba sees his art as part of his voice as a tool to be deployed in order to solve difficulties in society, also a medium of conveying powerful messages to correct certain irregularities in the world. Most of his ‘Abstract Realism’ works are intended to create influential meaning with his artistic skill around the contemporary world.

Selected Work:

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