Richmond Agamelah
Richmond Agamelah (b. 1989, Accra, Ghana) studied at Ghanatta College of Art and Design. Richmond is fascinated with paint. His works are heavily textured through his impasto application and technique, carving out the paint in a sculptor like fashion. The characters in Richmond’s work take on a performance role. Like the actors of a Shakespearean tragedy, or the legends of African folklore. Agamelah’s figures occupy space to play their part in a wider artistic narrative using discarded plastics, from phone cards to broken rulers. Agamelah adopts these straight-edged materials and reimagines their utility, as tools to help facilitate the portrayal of our emotional attributes as humans. Love and empathy are displayed by carving out the acrylic paint with a rhythmic spontaneity, in which the figure’s composition appears fuller and playfully colourful. Alternatively, hate and spitefulness are shown by the emptiness some of his characters display.

Selected Work:

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