Opedun Damilola
GDamilola Moses Opedun is a visual artist based in Lagos. He studied Art and Design at the prestigious Auchi Polytechnic in Edo state, Nigeria. He graduated in 2010 with a Higher National Diploma in Painting as the best graduating student. In 2015, he began an NGO called The Seed of The True Vine (TSTTV)- an art foundation that mentors emerging Nigerian artists and cares for the underprivileged children living in slums; currently, the Makoko ‘floating slum’ of Lagos. Damilola’s preferred medium is oil paint. With his art, his mastery of the human figure serves as a foreground to respond to social issues; and retell our collective history through tolerance for each other’s biases and differences. There is emotional stability that pervades his personality and his works. Opedun relies on the truth of the bible as a guiding principle. "I have chosen the classic fashion of Western Europeans because of the shock value it will add to the portraits. This era points back to the historical past when colonization and oppression from the western world happened. The big idea in this series is for the western viewer to see the African in classic Western European fashion and feel a connection and recognition of sameness. The choice of garb serves as a mediating motif and a hand of camaraderie between the races. This body of work tries to simulate the instant connection we feel when we realize someone shares our name, interest, values, and culture. I believe that even for a moment if a viewer can recognize the sa

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