Milo Davis
Milo Davis creates large-scale auto-biographical paintings with life-size figures. They refer to these works as portals in which they re-engage with remembered versions of themself and their personal history. "In my current practice, informed by artists like Deanna Lawson and Njideka Akunyili Crosby, I reference vernacular imagery from family photo albums. Similar to Crosby, I weld together disparate spaces, people, and objects to represent a liminal space where the multiple realms I inhabit can co-exist. I hope to re-ignite referenced imagery with new energy and purpose. My work provides me with a channel to process and explore my experiences and personhood. I exist at a lot of intersecting identities; I’m mixed race, non-binary, and a lesbian. I have always had to compartmentalize myself and facets of my identity depending on the spaces I am occupying, for survival and preservation of comfort. This has resulted in a lot of emotional and physical displacement. It is my earnest wish, that the work I am taking on can provide collective reflection and healing."

Selected Work:

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