Lee Roy Zozo
Lee-Roy Zozo (b. 1996, Guadeloupe) is a recent graduate of City and Guilds and is currently living in London, England. His curiosity lies within the ties and metaphorical representations between wood and melanin. He explores how black women are traditionally and currently represented in popular culture and considers ideas around status, objectification and the intersections of race, gender and class. The painting ‘Avo’ explores the definitions of identity and history. The avocado being cut in half, defining how a human could be stripped down to layers, no matter the identity, religion or colour. we all have a soul, meat and skin. The background being blocked in with graphite pencil, giving a subtle reflection of the viewers silhouette, with a luring sense of disconnection to the ombre cast on to the painting. ‘I have become fascinated by wood and its uses in ancient spiritual communication, to the aspects and material qualities wood laminates possess, where the skins of the wood can be seen as a metaphor to the colour of our skin.’

Selected Work:

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