Israel Dehumo Padonu
Israel Dehumo Padonu is a native of Badagry, Lagos State Nigeria. Introduced to colour at the tender age of 4 by his father who was a traditional signwriter. He later studied creative arts (Painting major) at University and graduated with a B.A (Ed) honours from the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria. Shortly after graduating, Padonu taught Fine Art for a year and went on to develop his own works full-time in early 2020. The early stages of his career were a period spent experimenting with unconventional media and incorporating them into his art. His current and ongoing body of works are influenced by the need to merge his creative exploration with contemporary needs, that ultimately contribute to the social and mental wellbeing of his race, thereby creating art that serves a higher purpose. Padonu’s latest body of works are focused around emotive portraits of black figures using dark brown tones on newspaper prints and textured canvas, with erratic strokes on his subject’s skin. This both suggests scars from the past and entanglement of the black body. His works are inspired by black oppressive history, his lived experiences (majorly influenced by the Christian religion, and his Badagry home town). The Art he creates engages in the discourse of self-emancipation from a personal point of view, with simplified yet complex creative artworks, without necessarily amplifying the grotesque reality of his past and present socio-political climate.

Selected Work:

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