Ife Kalejaiye
Kalejaiye is from Ondo State, Nigeria and currently lives and work in Nigeria. Kalejaiye attended Adeyemi College of Education where he studied chemistry. Kalejaiye is fascinated by how you can make something unique and beautiful out of a blank sheet of paper. Having grown up in a creative family, his artistic path began at an early age where he began drawing characters from TV shows and children's books. In his second year of college, he decided to pursue his passion for creating art. Kalejaiye’s works are an emotional reaction, a desire to express a feeling within. He looks to depict the struggle and ordeal of the average human as a product of society, something he is strong passionate about. Through his works, he is challenging the individual to look inward and recognise how unique we are in the midst of our challenges, while maintaining the conviction that we all share common ground.

Selected Work:

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