Ebuka P Aguediegwu
Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu (b. 1997, Kano, Nigeria) is a self-taught artist and currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria. He is fascinated by the connection between man and nature. ‘My intention is to rejuvenate the consciousness of my viewers through my works by provoking their thoughts and adjusting conversations to redress some issues challenging humanity such as the express dominance man exercises over plant.’ From a young age, Agudiegwu has had a great interest in the interplay between man and plants and also the need to further highlight the importance of sustaining these relationships. He sees himself as a mirror and perceives his works to be a visual reflection of his subjective view, be it in relation to the environment and both past and recent happenings. ‘My interest in connecting these two important entities and representing them as one has played a vital role in my creativity by influencing my artistic expression and as well enabling me to leverage on the eventualities of self-discovery, absolute confidence, and genuine expression.’

Selected Work:

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